Oral Care Prescribed by Dentists Delivered to You

Healthy gums and teeth can better prepare you to fight a coronavirus infection.


Did you know that your oral health offers clues about your overall health — or that problems in your mouth can affect the rest of your body?

What if there's a naturally intelligent oral care system that works quicky to clean up your teeth, gums and breath?

An oral care system that selectively kills bad microbes, leaving the good microbes alive to fight off all nasty viruses and balance the mouth flora.

It's time to do whatever you can do to stay healthy in these uncertain times. Good overall health starts with good oral health so here we have exactly what dentists use to treat your teeth, gums and breath ... It's your dentist in a bottle!

Inside every Professional Durafresh bottle is guaranteed with the unique USA patented Oxygen Technology!

Imagine every spray or rinse will quickly release active oxygen that's effective against infectious microorganisms and viruses!

It’s the only natural oral care with no added alcohol, sugar, dyes, preservatives or surfactants.

We want to do whatever we can to help your mouth and body stay healthy in these uncertain times.

Know the Science Behind Durafresh. CLICK HERE.

Dentist Teaches How to Take Care of Your Teeth at Home

Singaw, Sensitive Teeth, Bleeding Gums, Toothache, Bad Breath? Ask the Dentist now for ways to heal at home.

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The Science of Chlorine Dioxide
Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is created from a secret/patented process of generating pure ClO2 in a controlled fashion. It has the appearance of water yet it holds the potential to release chlorine dioxide, a safe compound that oxidizes or kills harmful organisms while leaving the good microbes alive. This does not create harmful by-product, once activated.